Acupoint paste therapy - transdermal technique (including symptomatic treatment and medication)

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Characteristics of the concept of external treatment of Chinese medicine:

First, "external treatment" is different from "external treatment". "External treatment" is a broad concept. Its research scope includes both external treatment theory and external treatment clinical; there are related external medicines and related Materials, instruments and tools. The concept of "external treatment" is relatively simple, only in terms of treatment methods. On the other hand, “external governance” can form an independent discipline, but the “external treatment” is only an integral part of this discipline.

Second, the "outside" of external treatment is a relative concept, not an absolute concept. It is not external treatment. It is external treatment. Although it is treated externally, it is not external treatment. Acupoint injection therapy is similar. However, due to different treatment mechanisms, it belongs to external treatment. The concept of generalized TCM treatment is very broad, covering all treatments except oral and simple injection.

Third, the premise of external treatment of Chinese medicine is that it must follow the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine, or it can be used for scientific research or medical activities that follow the basic principles of Chinese medicine. For example, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, and other new materials, new technologies, and new methods have been introduced into the field of TCM treatment, and these contents are also within the scope of TCM treatment.

Fourth, the theory of viscera and meridians is the theoretical basis for the treatment of Chinese medicine. It is difficult to establish a foothold in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

When the side effects of oral drug and injection are beginning to cause panic, the World Health Organization has proposed a third mode of administration: transdermal drug delivery.

Transdermal drug administration adheres to the theory of TCM internal disease treatment, combined with modern high technology, allows drugs to enter the human body through the skin at a certain rate through the capillaries, produce pharmacodynamic effects, can directly reach the lesions, and quickly exert its efficacy to achieve the purpose of treatment.


Advantages of transdermal administration:

 1. It avoids the possible first-pass effect of liver and the inactivation of gastrointestinal tract after oral medication, and improves the therapeutic effect.

2. Maintain a constant blood concentration or pharmacological effect, enhance the therapeutic effect, and reduce side effects.

3, prolong the action time to reduce the number of medications.

4. Reduce the damage of drugs to gastrointestinal, liver and kidney functions.

5, economical and practical, significant effect.

The traditional Chinese medicine acupoint grafting technology is to use Tongluo painkiller, or it can be used as a transport carrier. It can be combined with Chinese and Western medicine preparations (for different diseases, treatment of corresponding parts) to produce local or systemic therapeutic effects through skin penetration and absorption. The effect of external treatment.

Dry paste: no need to add liquid medicine, the drug paste is applied directly.

Wet paste: add liquid medicine or other drug injection to the medicine, and then apply it.

How to use the drug solution:

Syringe suction

2. Spray to the patch

3. Leave 2mm dry area on the edge of the patch

Cold compress: After the medicine is applied to the corresponding part, the interlayer film or cold ice pack is directly applied.

Hot compress: After the drug is applied to the corresponding part, the interlayer film is hot-coated with a hot towel.

Role: expansion of local capillaries, accelerate drug penetration.

Wide range of treatment: for diseases common in primary clinics. Such as cold, fever, cough, asthma, diarrhea, pneumonia, chronic inflammation, neck, shoulder, low back pain, prostate disease, mastitis, breast hyperplasia, dysmenorrhea, gynecological cysts and so on.


Apply medication to the card:

One: Pediatric diarrhea

Prescription: loperamide (phenethidine), 654-2, dipyridamole, cimetidine, clove, cinnamon, Wujing, Jianpi San

Use acupoints: Shenque

Second, children fever

    The cause of fever in children is very complicated. Generally speaking, it is caused by external feeling. Choose different treatments depending on the degree and type of fever.

Exogenous fever can be applied with the following acupuncture points:

Gypsum, Forsythia, Honeysuckle, Bupleurum, Anemarrhena, Analgin, Dexamethasone, Promethazine

Western medicine: calculated by weight per kilogram, multiplied by 2 to 3 times

Chinese medicine: 0.5 to 3 grams. The above is a child dose from one month to 13 months, for reference only

Use acupoints: Shenque, Dazhui

Three: pediatric cough and asthma in children - chronic trachea, bronchitis and pneumonia

Prescription: Shatanbutanol, aminophylline, Kekemin, Ambroxol Dispersible Tablets, Dexamethasone Tablets, Roxithromycin Dispersible Tablets, Green Barley, Ephedra, Campanulaceae, Almond, Sophora, Pinellia, Chuanbei, It is made into a paste by a solvent. (Applying site: Tiantuo point, Zhongzhong point, Dingchuan point or lung acupoint)

Four: epidemic mumps

l usage and dosage

Use rhubarb powder Glauber's salt (scattered) barley 2-3g, tune into a paste, stick to the affected area.

Five: refractory oral ulcers

l usage and dosage

Paste + berberine powder 0.5-1g + borneol 0.2g paste double foot soles Yongquan point 12-24 hours / paste, 3-7 days to cure (children halved).

Six: acute mastitis, breast hyperplasia

Dosage: 1: Acute mastitis: directly applied to the lumps, 12 hours / paste, cold compress. The treatment process does not affect normal breastfeeding. The course of treatment is 5-7 days, with rhubarb powder, Glauber's salt 2-3g, and the medium is mixed into a paste.

2: Mammary gland hyperplasia with rhubarb Glauber's stick on the lumps, 24 hours / paste, hot compress. Treatment 7-14 days overall dialectic and conditioning of chronic mastitis with rhubarb mirabilite effect is better.

Seven, acute sprain (applicable to all parts of the body)

Symptoms: There is a history of obvious trauma, redness and heat pain in the sprain area, and limited local functional activities.

Prescription: 2~3 pieces of beaten pills, 2g of borneol (grinded into fine powder), white wine (height) or 75% alcohol, ground into a paste, mix the borneol powder and evenly spread the gel on the affected area. Yes, it can be cured in 1~2 times, and it has a good effect of promoting blood circulation, relieving swelling and relieving pain.

Eight, cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis refers to a disease of cervical vertebra degeneration caused by cervical disc degeneration, which causes damage to surrounding tissues such as muscle fascia, spinal cord, nerves, blood vessels, etc., and thus causes clinical symptoms and signs. According to the survey, 25% of people around the age of 50 have suffered or are suffering from cervical spondylosis, which is 50% at 60 years old and 70 years higher. It can be seen that cervical spondylosis is one of the most common clinical diseases.

Thin paste

Recipe: Sanqi 10g, Chuanxiong 15g, frankincense 15g, turmeric 15g, myrrh 15g, Eucommia 15g, gastrodia 15g, white peony 15g, Sichuan pepper 5g, blood 2g.

The above-mentioned drugs are jointly researched with fine powder, mixed with a solvent to form a paste, spread on the paste, and evenly spread the blood on the top, and applied to the affected area. Once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

Indications: Suitable for all types of cervical spondylosis.

Nine, lumbar degenerative osteoarthrosis

The disease is due to the large degree of activity and negative weight of the lumbar spine, so with the increase of age, long-term weight bearing, long-term bad posture or trauma, etc. can cause lumbar vertebrae degeneration and hyperplasia.

Clinical manifestations: long-term intermittent intermittent lumbosacral pain, heavy, inflexible; pain can be released to the buttocks, thighs, and even knee joints; nerve localization is not obvious; excessive activity or long-term retention in a certain position It can induce pain and increase pain after rest.

Recipe: 10g of Salvia miltiorrhiza, 10g of Chuanxiong, 10g of milk, 10g of safflower, 10g of Chuanchuan, 10g of Achyranthes, 10g of psoralen. A total of fine, with a solvent to make a paste, spread on the paste, attached to the affected area. Can be posted 2-3 stickers, once every other day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

Indications: blood type and wind and cold type.

Ten, lumbar disc herniation

Prescription: 35g of Sanqi, 15g of red peony, 10g of milk, 10g of blood, 180mg of loxoprofen sodium, a total of fine foam, yellow wine into a paste, respectively applied to Yaoyangguan, rank edge, Ring jump points, Yang Jiao points. Once a day, seven times for a course of treatment, usually 2 to 3 courses.


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