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Applying and treating diseases, the ancient name is "external application" and "external application", also known as "acupoint application therapy". Acupoint sticking therapy is an ancient external treatment method for treating diseases by Chinese medicine. It is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, based on the overall concept and syndrome differentiation. According to the meridian theory, appropriate drugs can be applied to the acupoints. Meridian, reconcile qi and blood, adjust the balance of viscera and yin and yang, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. The author now gives a brief introduction to acupressure application and application tools.

1. Development background

In the "Yellow Emperor's Canon", there is a discussion of "internal internal treatment, external treatment", which lays a solid theoretical foundation for the development of post-treatment therapy. In the late Qing Dynasty, Wu Shangxian wrote the book "Lie Li Wen", which is a great achievement of the external law. It believes that "the principle of external treatment, that is, the principle of internal treatment, the medicine for external treatment, that is, the medicine for internal treatment, the difference between the others."

At present, the "winter disease and summer cure" three-volt paste therapy has been widely carried out throughout China. In 2009, the National “Eleventh Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Program “Study on the Practice of Acupoint Application of Winter Diseases and Summer Treatment” developed the “Guidelines for Clinical Application of “Acupoints for Winter Diseases and Acupoint Application” (Draft), Standardization and Standardization. The operation of acupressure application therapy.

2, the principle of action

The mechanism of action of acupoint sticking therapy is not fully understood. At present, it is considered to be the result of the dual effects of drug effect and cavity effect. Mainly manifested as meridian regulation, neurological and immune mechanisms and pharmacological effects.

3, acupuncture point selection

Acupoint sticking points are mostly acupuncture points of the back and shallow skin. “The back is as thin as a cake, and the abdomen is as deep as a well”. The back-shu points are close to the internal organs, and the Chinese medicine acupoints are applied to the back-shu points, so it can play a good role in regulating the adjacent organs. The drug is easy to penetrate inward, and the nerve endings are rich, and the acupoint reaction is sensitive, which can fully stimulate the body's transgas conduction and neurohumoral regulation, and play a role in preventing and treating diseases.

4, drug selection

The traditional Chinese medicine used in acupoint sticking therapy chooses Xinwen, aroma, qi and blood-activating drugs. The active ingredients of these drugs are easy to penetrate and absorb into the body through the skin, and the acupoints are more irritating, which is beneficial to exert the effects of medicine and acupoints. The basic drugs used in acupoint application of Chinese medicine include white mustard, eucalyptus, kansui and asarum. Commonly used addition and subtraction drugs include ginger juice, musk, ephedra and cinnamon.

5, acupoint sticking tools

At present, there is no special tool for acupoint sticking tools to use ordinary medical adhesive plaster or wound painkiller cream. The author found many problems in the process of applying acupoint application in the clinical application of the instructor.

1 When applying acupuncture points, the doctor needs to cut the wound and painkiller cream into a suitable size for acupoint application, uncover the upper cover film of the adhesive tape, apply the Chinese medicine cream directly to the center of the rubber surface of the wound and pain relief cream, and apply it to the corresponding acupuncture points of the patient. Due to the high concentration of patients on the day of application, the doctors apply a large amount of work, high work intensity, and long waiting time for patients;

2 The doctor needs to cut the wound-wet pain-relieving cream into acupuncture points to apply the tape piece of the specified size in advance, which increases the workload;

3 Apply the Chinese medicine ointment directly to the wound-wet pain-relieving cream, and the dosage of the applied Chinese medicine ointment is not easy to control;

4 Chinese medicine ointment is directly applied to the wound-wet pain-relieving cream, which is prone to leakage of the ointment, which not only affects the effect of Chinese medicine, but also may stain the clothes.

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Under the guidance of the instructor, the author designed a special acupoint sticking film for the one-three-volt paste acupoint film (patent number ZL 2010 2 0228494.6). When using, simply peel off the cover film on the tape, add the traditional Chinese medicine ointment to the storage tank, and then apply it to the corresponding acupuncture points. The acupoint film has the following advantages.

1 The film is fixed in size and is used for acupoint application. It can be used directly without cutting.

2 Different Chinese medicine ointments can be added to the storage tank according to the needs of the disease. The storage tank capacity is fixed, and it is easy to control the dosage of the traditional Chinese medicine ointment to prevent extravasation of the ointment;

3 can be used for three-volt stickers, Sanjiu stickers and ordinary acupoint sticking; 4 easy to use, labor-saving and time-saving, simple to make, is conducive to popularization and application.

With the rapid development of medical technology, acupoint sticking therapy will be widely promoted and popularized in the process of excavation, sorting and improvement, making greater contributions to human health care.


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